Inspiring Others to Be Their Best: A Brief Narrative of Marisol Echegoyen

Bert Mcarthur
2 min readMar 28, 2021


Marisol Echegoyen

Mexico’s Marisol Echegoyen is known for her outstanding musical work in Mexico, the United States, and internationally. In the past many years, she has been known to be the most notable expert in the fusion of Mexican folk music and contemporary jazz music.

Sponsored by the National Council for Culture and Arts of Mexico (CONACULTA) and the National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA), Marisol has earned a place as one of the most influential and critically acclaimed artists in Mexico, actively performing in the contemporary jazz scene in Mexico since 2011 with events such as the International Jazz Day, UAM -X Jazz Festival and The World Music and Dance Festival.

Besides thriving on concerts, Marisol also engaged in community work such as performing for the Hurricane Relief Concert in 2019. One of her collaborators, producer Safiya Leslie remarked that “Marisol is a gem to work with! She was one of my lead performers for the Bahamas Hurricane Relief Concert. She performed beautifully and engaged with the audience in a special way that made her performance very memorable. She’s an outstanding performer, versatile and well versed in many genres.”

Having worked with a plethora of Grammy Winning artists such as The Zac Brown Band, Jacob Collier, and Arnie Roth, Marisol is currently working to release another Extended Play (EP) of her band Balam, with Grammy collaborator producer Alex Leiva. This EP is strongly influenced by her Mexican roots and feature her notable signature fusion aesthetics. We asked her about the next album: “I think that it is important to preserve culture and educate young people about the magic of their ancestry.” Marisol hopes to continue to inspire artists from around the world to perform their own traditional music and be creative with their history, just like her. She believes that “Music should make you want to move. Music can incite you to learn more about the beauty of your culture and give you identity. You might be surprised that your ancestry was part of something amazing that was forgotten.”

Marisol’s plethora of accomplishments is too vast to enumerate here; however, this preview of her past endeavors illustrates her potential contributions. She is much more than an artist; she is a cultural icon who inspires people and their communities to be their best.

We can’t wait to hear more about Balam’s EP release and their upcoming promotional tour!